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02 About Us

Al Madadd Company was established in 1975 located in the main dynamic location for water solution trading areas. Al Madadd Company is now known to the water solution Contractors, Plumbers & end-Users as one of the main suppliers of water equipment & water treatment products. Al Madadd is known to the concerned Contractors & end- Users as a water & sewage Solution provider.
Al Madadd Company has more than 60 employees distributed in different teams based on company structure.
To maintain & complete our professional image of services & products range in the field of water solution water equipment materials & water and sewage treatment systems by representing professional suppliers who provide the support required for both parties success.

03 Testimonials

I am Al Madadd customer since more than 10 years , I am very satisfied with the quality of Products which required Less maintenance , friendly staff, perfect call centre and their priority is customer satisfaction .


لؤى الكيلانى luai alkilani 

Luai Alkilani

My water heaters , pumps & filtration systems are bought from different company , but due to the reputation of AL Madadd company services strength , I have signed a maintence contract with Al  Madadd Service center & I am enjoying the service and the professional maintenance works .

 عمر العيسى omar essa Omar Al Essa

My experience with Al Madadd Company was their installation - maintenance of GRP Tank, heating and hot water circulating systems at my house, where I found commitment and Punctuality at the site to attend repair of any defect during and after warranty. Many thanks to the technical team of the company due to their customer care & quality of installation and services.

I appreciate the knowledgeable sales team who  followed with my plumber & electrician  How to complete installation of water heaters , pumps & filtration systems. Also I should thank the after sales service who provides the right technical feedback and excellent follow with quick response from the  call center .


Tala AL Qallaf طلال القلاف Talal Al Qallaf


04 Down to Business

Frequent Questions

How to discover the FRAUD companies

- Check Al Madadd logo at the official branches sign boards in case you visit any of the showrooms.
- Check the distributor agreement with Al Madadd in case you are visiting an authorised distributor shop.
- When technician visits your site, Check his civil ID which shows that he is working under Al Madadd noting that Technicians should have wear Al Madadd uniform & using Al Madadd official service vehicles.
- If you receive an incoming call, the only approved incoming calls related to service or after service are 24919988 , 24913417, 24928385 & 24913415

When commissioning will take place?

Usually, Commissioning will take place within 2-4 days if no site obstacles exist and all the mechanical and electrical connections are done properly. Commissioning should take place maximum by 45 days after delivery to ensure the warranty; otherwise the company has the right to evaluate the warranty period based on equipment condition at the time of commissioning. Materials should be stored in a proper place before commissioning.

When does the warranty starts?

Equipment guarantee period starts from initial commissioning date.

what does the warranty cover?

Warranty provided is against manufacture defects, provided commissioning done by Al Madadd, Warranty will be in effect starting from the date commissioning by replacing the defected parts

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